Steel Fabrication

Metro Steel Fabrication WA offers an optimised fabrication delivery service utilising our State-of- the-art automated machinery.

Our Expertise

Steel Fabrication Capabilties

We offer rapid and reactive turnaround supply times for critical projects.
Activities include automated processing, fit up, welding, NDT, post weld heat treatment, surface treatment (galvanising and painting) and trial fit up all bins / chutes etc then transport expedite and delivery.
About Steel Fabrication


From our complete catalogue of structural steel members, through to our extensive patio tube range, we have committed to maintaining a high standard of service to each individual, or corporate customer.
Steel Fabrication WA

Steel Fabricating Activites

Automated Processing

We are a market leader of automated and robotic CNC machines. This removes the risk of human error and allows us to offer precisely processed steel direct from NC files.

Fabrication & Fit Up

Providing stick steel fabrication through to oversize complex assemblies and modules we are an SMP fabricator.


We are a SCA/CC3 compliant fabricator with a dedicated team of welding industry experts our accreditation includes Cert 10 to CSWIP personnel and we are continuously revalidating our welding staff.

Non-destructive Testing NDT

Working closely with Non Destructive testing companies providing independent 3rd party inspections daily in all of our workshop facilities.

Surface Treatment

Dependant of our clients project requirements we have long serving affiliations with all major galvanising and paint applicators across WA.

Trial/MockFit Ups

All plate work and where practical structural steel can be preassembled to suit our clients need and requests.

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Recent Steel Fabrications Projects

Iron Bridge

Client: FMG

Dewatering Chute

Client: BHP

Steel Fabrication

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